Most Crucial Survival Skills

Darwin, one of the most acclaimed genius and scientist stated in a theory, that the only organism which has a killer instinct to overcome any inevitable disaster can exist for a long time in this world. The famous theory is known as “Survival of the Fittest” and clearly mentions that you ought to be ever ready to face any trouble in life. There are floods, famines, earthquakes, tornados and many different natural disasters which keep hitting our Earth every year.

survival skills

We must thank science and Information -Technology which has equipped us today with various cardinal survival equipment and survival techniques. You require nothing but a great presence of mind and ability to use every possible support which is available at the time of a calamity. Let’s highlight some of the most catastrophic situations with the best survival skills.

1. Flood

The tragedy take time to come up in full swing as most of the natural floods are caused by continuous heavy raining, which might even lead to sabotage a dam. You ought to make sure that you have a good quantity of portable water with you. The best survival skills in this unfortunate act of god are to get each and every person equipped with different essential edibles, medicines and first aid kits. Try to prepare separate kit bags for everyone in your family. Make sure that all people roam in a group. Look out for the weather forecasting news and make short notes about the places which have been declared safe.

If the rain is not stopping and there is some big water body around your region then, the best move will be to leave your place. Your anticipation and weather forecasting all can go wrong if you keep waiting for any miracle. Use your mind and focus on reaching to a safe place where your state government is helping the victims with different significant survival supplies.

2. Earthquake

The sudden tremors or shaking of Earth might not long for a considerably noticeable period but, the effect could be lethal. All your survival skills with various survival trainings might go in vain if you don’t start acting without any delay. Evacuation is the best plan whenever your area gets hit by an earthquake and you need to reach to an open place as soon as possible. Most of the people get panicked and that could even result in any serious health trouble. If someone has been injured then, use first aid and any domestic measure to provide him a little respite.

3. Snowfall

Have you ever thought that what you would do if you get stuck in a region with continuous heavy snowfall? It could lead to terminate all the available resources including crucial infrastructure like road, rail and airplane. There are significant survival skills which will be highly useful to tackle the trouble with the least present support. Check on the different fire igniting articles you have around you. Try to breathe slowly and do some muscular movements. Look for the edibles you have with you and take very short meals after an interval of 3 to 4 hours. Speak less and try to meditate if you can. If there is any certain way to get off, look for that and escape.

There might be a critical situation if you have any asthmatic patient with you. Mouth to mouth respiration is an effective way to help anyone in breathing under any severe inhaling problem. If you are stuck in your car then try to mention some navigational signs to display that there is a big problem ahead and one ought not to follow this path. The situation might get worsened up with no real help from outside and you could be in the same unmoved situation. Come out of your vehicle as according to scientific studies a human being can survive without water for 3 to 5 days only. You ought to look for some liquid or you might even try to melt the snow all around you.

Apart from the tips to survive from different natural disasters there are special wilderness survival skills which could be tremendously useful if you find yourself in an outdoor trouble. Let’s showcase some highly authentic wilderness survival skills which might come up as the real life saving tactics

Survival hunting tips

What will you do if you find yourself in an extensive forest and you don’t find any way out to escape and you have just credit card knife in the pocket? As you know your body requires proper hydration and food to keep you fit and fine and you will be only able to escape if you have ample energy inside you. The situation might be hypothetical but knowledge is the ultimate key of survival and success. You will need to find something for hunting and then to take the prey as your meals. It would be really fortunate if you find a water body nearby as it will assure the abundant supply of water and you might even plan for fishing.

Spears and bows are the most tremendous tools, which could be made within a forest for fishing under a clear water body. On the contrary, traps are also useful but you will have to check if you could improvise with the available articles and give them a unique shape for making a trap. Once you catch some fishes, you can make a fire with the use of dry leaves and tree branches. If you don’t have a match box and you find it really difficult to make a fire by the primitive Flint napping techniques then get ready to taste the fishes raw.

Always keep one most cardinal fact in your consideration that survival is not always dependent on fortune, it might be controlled by your choice and anticipation.